Buy 5 GET AN EXTRA 1 FREE x Ocean Milk® Coral Calcium Gold 90caps*

Buy 5  GET AN  EXTRA  1  FREE x  Ocean Milk® Coral Calcium Gold 90caps*
Buy 5  GET AN  EXTRA  1  FREE x  Ocean Milk® Coral Calcium Gold 90caps*
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Buy 5 bottles +1  FREE - Ocean Milk 90caps            

5+1  FREE x Coral Calcium Gold 90 capsules

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Indications for Ocean Milk® Coral Calcium Gold:

  • Balanced calcium/magnesium ratio
  • Helps improve bone strength and density
  • Relieve muscular aches and pains
  • Helps prevent cramps and muscle spasms
  • Improve calcium and magnesium intake
  • Helps improve joint mobility in arthritis
  • Reduce body acidity for cell health 

Active ingredients per 3 capsules:  414mg elemental calcium, 207mg elemental magnesium and 999IU cholecalciferol (vitamin D3)

What the label says: A matrix of bio-absorbable calcium, magnesium and trace minerals from below sea Okinawan coral grains. The living reef is not harmed. Assists the maintenance of acid-alkaline balance for general wellbeing. Calcium strengthens bones and teeth in growing and mature users. Vitamin D can only be of assistance if dietary intake or sunlight exposure is inadequate.

How to use it: Take morning and night with meals. We’ve kept the capsule size as small as possible for easy swallowing and use only vege-caps®. 

6 bottles of Ocean Milk® Coral Calcium Gold will last me: 6 months on average when using 3 capsules a day but can vary according to your calcium/ magnesium needs…

Most people think calcium boosting is just for elderly women, however with nearly 40% of peak bone mass being aquired during puberty and less than half adults getting their recomended daily intake, people of all age groups find Ocean Milk® convenient and helpful to meet calcium requirements. Such an important mineral as calcium can have a huge impact on the health of our body, as many people have found from taking Ocean Milk® and shared their testimonies.