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Welcome to Coral Cay Health


Established in 2002 Coral Cay Health is an Australian owned company working to advance personal knowlege and enpowerment through promoting sustainable healthy diet, exercise and  supplements.

Ocean Milk® Marine Minerals

Our flagship range Ocean Milk® Marine Minerals are a suite of products made from a Matrix of 2:1 Calcium, Magnesium with a full compliment of naturally occuring Trace Minerals that provide superior bio-availability and absorption when taken for your bone health and muscle function.  Calcium derived from most sources is difficult to absorb yet studies show that Ocean Milk® is ionised when it enters the stomach and ready for maximum absorbtion within 20 minutes.

Ocean Milk
® Marine Coral Mineral benefits include:

 Balanced calcium/magnesium ratio // Helps improve bone strength and density  // Relieve muscular aches and pains // Reduce body acidity for cell health

// Helps prevent cramps and muscle spasms  // Improve calcium and magnesium intake // Helps improve joint mobility in arthritis

Ocean Milk® Marine Minerals are available online and distributed throughout select health food stores, pharmacies & clinics.


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